SpacePole Duo

Pairing the Honeywell CT40 with a Range of Payment Devices

SpacePole  Duo

Turn your Honeywell CT40 into a Mobile POS

The SpacePole Duo™ sled enables the Honeywell CT40 mobile computer to be paired with a range of payment devices to create an integrated, fast and contactless mPOS solution anywhere. Ideal for shortening the transaction time between customer and operator, reducing dwell time and creating a more hygienic environment.

Suitable for applications in the following industries where a CT40 is required to be combined with a payment application:

  • Field Service
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Post/parcel delivery
  • Retail and Hospitality
  • Utilities
Honeywell CT40 into a Mobile POS

Features and Benefits

Pay anywhere, any time – the SpacePole Duo™ sled enables a payment device to be easily attached to the Honeywell CT40 to turn it into a mobile POS device that can also take payments. It can be used for queue busting, in-aisle checkout and customer impulse buying.

Maximize your return on investment – the patented SpacePole Duo™ sled is a simple add-on to the Honeywell CT40 and therefore enables a customer to maximize their return on hardware investment, significantly lowering the cost of introducing an mPOS solution. It includes a quick release, making it simple to use.

Effective Queue Busting

Using mobile technology allows customers to make payments anywhere in-store, at any place convenient to them. It immediately takes care of queues, ensuring revenue from the customer and changes a poor customer experience into a great one, and a safe one.

Duo has a wider role too. It is just at home as a flexible point of sale for pop-ups and stores-within-stores, or for table service within hospitality environments, as well as supporting payments for collections and home deliveries.

Extending contactless payments

With increased transaction limits and a reduction in the amount of cash being used, contactless payments are the preferred option for many consumers in these times of social distancing. mPOS using the SpacePole Duo™ sled, is the ideal platform to service this need, helping to reduce the number of touch points in a purchase transaction.

SpacePole Honeywell CT40 into a Mobile POS Extending contactless payments

Maximize the return on hardware investment

Pairing the CT40 with a compatible payment terminal enables retailers to maximize their return on hardware investment and significantly lowers the cost of introducing mPOS. The flexibility of Duo and its ease of use makes it easy to go from static scanning to mPOS and back again, in seconds, without compromising on the one-unit-feel of the solution.

Easy to engage and simple to operate

Amazingly easy to engage and release, the Duo makes the CT40 a perfect solution for mPOS. The Duo for the Honeywell CT40 creates an mPOS solution with a variety of familiar industry payment terminals.

The solution consists of an adapter that slides into the TPU boot for the CT40, and an m-case fixing for the payment device.

duo honeywell ct40 duo sle mcase payment terminal by SpacePole image

Ergonomically designed, easy to use

This patented solution is designed with high focus on ergonomics; it is lightweight with a small form factor and a wide range of accessories such as a wrist strap, shoulder strap or pouch for safe storage and when being carried for ergonomically correct use.

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Duo for Honeywell CT40 Specifications

Compatible mobile computers CT40 mobile computer from Honeywell
Honeywell CT40 mobile computer requires Honeywell TPU boot for CT40 (CT40-PB-00)
Compatible payment devices Ingenico Link/2500i
Ingenico Link/2500
Ingenico Link/2500 slim
Ingenico Link/2500 touch
Ingenico iSMP4
Verifone e355
Verifone e280
Verifone e285
Compatible share Cradles
Duo Sled
Dimensions H: 30 mm x W: 74 mm x D: 151 mm
Weight 58 g
Material ABS plastic
Warranty 2 years

Why choose the SpacePole Duo™ sled for the Honeywell CT40?

The SpacePole Duo™ sled is an ideal solution to turn the Honeywell CT40 into a portable handheld mPOS solution. The uses for a Honeywell handheld mobile computer paired with a payment device for mobile payments are limitless across a variety of industries. Wherever there’s a need to take mobile payments, the SpacePole Duo sled provides the integration to facilitate this extended functionality for the Honeywell CT40.

The SpacePole Duo sled delivers a secure and convenient way to transform the Honeywell CT40 into an mPOS solution, removing the need for a separate payment device to be carried by staff. The Duo provides quick release functionality between the devices so that the Honeywell CT40 can instantly return to other applications.

At SpacePole, we’re proud of our proven track record in delivering technology and mobility mounting solutions that are robust, secure and fit for purpose, whatever your requirements. Turning your Honeywell CT40 into an mPOS solution for mobile payments is just one of the ways that we help businesses across different sectors to be more efficient and utilize technology as effectively as possible. Our products have been sold in more than 80 countries, have been part of over eight million unique installations and around 60% of the world’s top 50 retailers trust us as a supplier.

Whether your business needs the added functionality of a Honeywell- handheld mobile computer as an mPOS solution to help your staff take payments more efficiently out in the field, in-store or at a table, the SpacePole Duo sled gives you all the versatility you need to make the most of your existing technology.

If you want more information on our products or would like one of our experts to consult on your project to help you achieve the most efficient ways of mounting your technology requirements, get in touch with us today.

SpacePole Duo™ sled for the Honeywell CT40


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