Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Holder

SafeGuarding customers and staff

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Holder

SafeGuarding customers and staff

The current Corona virus situation has challenged the retailers and hospitality sectors to re-evaluate the safety and productivity of their commercial environments for the immediate and near-term scenarios that isolation and social distancing has presented. Habits of personal hygiene have been highlighted to minimize the effect and distribution of the virus and the well being of customers is an acute focus for retailers wishing to retain and develop the loyalty of customers.

To support this objective, Ergonomic Solutions, creators of the SpacePole range of mounting solutions, is further expanding its portfolio of products to respond to the current COVID-19 epidemic with a Hand Sanitizer Holder.  The hand sanitizer dispenser holder has been designed to connect to any Spacepole® payment plate or as an addition to a larger POS and Payment mounting solution.

Easy to install, it provides customers with a quick and convenient opportunity to sanitize their hands before and after completing payment transactions. It has been designed to be mounted on a swing arm, wall mount or top mount, or top mounted on a floor stand, and can be installed in minutes.

The Hand Sanitizer Mount is an unobtrusive solution which doesn’t obstruct the payment or packing areas or interfere with staff-customer interaction.

SpacePole Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Holder
Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Holder spacepole
Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Holder spacepole

Without infringing on the packing or payment areas, this easily accessible module is installed in minutes and complements the SpacePole SafeGuard® Screen and extended payment swing arm to provide additional protection for customers, minimise the impact on POS transaction time and enhance your customer care reputation.


  • Enhanced hygiene at a time of heightened sensitivity
  • Increased customer confidence from the duty of care offered by the retailers
  • Modular design provides minimal installation overhead
  • Consistent with existing Spacepole modularity, quality and ergonomics
  • Compatible with sanitiser contained with a footprint no wider than 80mm
  • Marginal disruption to retail operations and an enhanced customer experience
  • Adds value without compromising functionality of the POS
  • Enhances store loyalty through customer care


  • Safeguarding customers in a variety of retail, hospitality and healthcare environments
  • High footfall checkout lanes
  • Hygiene-sensitive work environments for staff
  • Busy public spaces where sanitization is important

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can be used in your business, get in touch.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Holder SpacePole
Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Holder

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