SpacePole Vario

Tablet solution for table ordering & queue busting

SpacePole Vario™

Ensuring that your staff have the ability to instantly react to customer demands across the store or hospitality environment is a key component to providing great customer service. The use of iPads and other tablets have brought applications to life that instantly provide mobile solutions for that task. Lightweight with a minimalist design, SpacePole Vario is the ideal frame for those tablet applications, providing the perfect support for everyday use.

Vario Mobile POS Spacepole

The retail and hospitality personal assistant

For the hospitality sector, Vario is perfect for front of house table management or at table ordering or payments. In-store in retail, Vario provides the assistant with the tools to provide exceptional customer service for assisted sales and mPOS “pay anywhere” removing queues and unwanted wait time.

Vario SpacePole Mobile POS

Add carrying aids and payment to your tablet

Vario is a lightweight aluminium mobile solution supporting a wide range of tablets. It has a slim minimalist design, which secures the tablet, but adds little overall weight to the solution. It is designed for everyday use and allows access to all buttons and ports on the tablet, increasing the range of applications suitable for this integrated solution. Vario is the perfect way to enable mounting of carrying aids for portability and payment devices to your tablet.

Hand and shoulder strap

Protect your people with the right accessories

The Vario is comfortable to use and is compatible with our range of hand straps, shoulder straps and carrying pouch to create the ideal configuration to protect your staff by ensuring workplace ergonomics and helping to secure and protect the tablet

SpacePole Payment mPOS

Add payment for mPOS

It’s easy to integrate payment devices with the Vario tablet sled to complete your mPOS solution. It offers the option to mount payment terminals straight onto the frame using a SpacePole M-Case. The open design allows for access to the tablet ports to easily add lightning or jack plug connectivity for connected payment readers.

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Vario Specifications

Compatible tablets

Compatible with 25+ different tablets: Examples are:

iPad mini (2019): SPOSVA1000

iPad Pro 9.7” (2016): SPOSVA1240

iPad 9.7” (2018): SPOSVA0460

iPad 10.2” (2019): SPOSVA1430

iPad Air 10.5” (2019): SPOSVA1430

iPad Pro 10.5” (2017): SPOSVA1430

iPad Pro 11” (2018): SPOSVA1900

iPad Pro 12.9” (2018): SPOSVA1820

Microsoft Surface Go (2018): SPOSVA1780


Please contact us about other tablets types

Mounting options  Mobile solution
Material  Aluminium construction with ABS plastic corners
Features Access to on/off button on tablet

Access to volume buttons on tablet

Access to audio plug on tablet

Interface to hand strap

Interface to shoulder strap

Interface to payment cases

Installation and set-up Place tablet and fix the four corners with screws
Accessories Hand strap, shoulder strap, carrying pouch, M-Case.
Compatible payment devices  Payment devices:

Ingenico: iSMP4, Link/2500 series (Standard, slim and touch), Link/2500i

Verifone: e355, e280

Miura: M010

All the above requires a M-Case

Mobile card readers:

PayPal mobile card reader
Square reader for magstripe
Sum up card reader
ID Tech Shuttle mobile magstripe reader
PayAnywhere credit card reader
MagTek iDynamo
MagTeK uDynamo

Why choose Vario?

SpacePole Vario can help tablet technology to come into its own in your store or hospitality environment. This completely portable tablet mounting bracket enables the tablet to be used securely by staff, along with attachable peripherals, such as card and contactless payment devices, anywhere that they are needed.

SpacePole Vario can be used with a tablet shoulder strap and/or pouch as well as the fully adjustable tablet hand strap to make sure that the tablet can be held and carried safely and securely. Suitable to fit a range of devices, the Vario can be an iPad Air hand strap and is also compatible with 25+ different tablet devices.

Ergonomic Solutions have a proven track record when it comes to creating robust tablet brackets, stands, mounts and mobile solutions that don’t just meet your requirements, but exceed them. This is just one of the reasons why our products have been sold in more than 80 countries and have been part of over eight million unique installations so far. We supply around 60% of the world’s largest retailers with POS and tablet solutions that make their business work more effectively and efficiently.

However you want to roll out tablet technology within your business and whatever your requirements, our ergonomically designed range of floor, table, wall and mobile mounts offers ergonomically designed solutions that will help your business to achieve the most safe, comfortable and efficient ways of working with tablet devices.


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