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Tablet Charging Station – A Universal Charging Station for Multiple Tablets

A Universal Intelligent Charging and Storage Solution for Tablets and USB devices

The design and function of  UCS is targeted primarily at intelligent tablet charging station and storage with or without protective casings such as SpacePole X-Frame. In addition, the UCS is also suitable for charging and storing various USB powered devices.

tablet charging station

Universal Tablet Charging Station (UCS) hardware configuration

The Universal tablet charging station is available in single and double width sizes, offering 8, 15 or 30 charging slot options large enough for a tablet in a tablet holder. The multiple tablet charging station of the UCS Standard configurations are available with charging only, as well as multiple power plug and accessory options. Depending on your requirements, it can be a USB charging station for multiple devices, or a dedicated universal tablet charging station.

Step 1: Choose your universal tablet charging station hardware

universal tablet charging station

UCS Standard hardware options


  • Double build
  • 15 slots
  • Charging only

  • Double build
  • 30 slots
  • Charging only

  • Single build
  • 15 slots
  • Charging only
multiple tablet charging station

UCS Mini hardware options


  • Single build
  • 8 slots
  • Charging only
tablet charging station

Country connector plug options

Canada & Unites States B
Belgium, France, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia & Tunisia E
Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Luxemborg, Madeira (Portugal), Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey & Ukraine F
United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland G
Australia & New Zealand I
Switzerland J
Denmark & Greenland K
Africa & South Africa On request
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UCS accessories

Add-on wheels


Separating web system add-on


Charging Solutions For Multiple Devices

Charge multiple devices quickly, securely and safely

With the increasing number of tablets and other mobile technologies being deployed in such diverse sectors as retail, healthcare and education an increased demand for a professional, secure and flexible storage and tablet charging station has arisen. UCS increases our value proposition with a storage and charging solution to protect our customers investment in technology. Our universal station for smartphones, tablets and more include:

  1. tablet charging station
  2. charging solutions for multiple devices
  • Key lock
  • Stackable and bolt-down option for security
  • Versatile placement options: Floor, desk and wall with optional wheels
  • Assembled with screws for enhanced security
  • ClickSafe compatible for additional security
  • Label place holder
  • Suitable for a wide range of cables and connectors
  • Integrated adjustable walls – secure long term use and protects the investment
  • Protective against liquids, impact etc.
  • Port control and monitoring possible
  • Power supply and electronics CE tested to EN60950
  • Short circuit protection, low standby power consumption (> 0,5W)
  • Outputs 5,2V DC/2,1A per port
  • USB interface x 15
  • Protective foam inside – for securing fragile hardware
  • 2 year warranty

Charge up to 30 devices simultaneously

The UCS offers you the flexibility to select the features important to you. Available for 8, 15 or 30 devices, the UCS product range enables you to select a complete solution meeting all your requirements. Whether you want a dedicated Apple charging station or have a combination of different tablets and devices from differnent manufacturers, our phone and tablet charging station can handle it.

ucs charge simultaneously
ucs cable management

UCS intelligent charging

It’s important to make sure that any device being charged within the UCS unit will charge at the manufacturers recommended level, replicating what takes place when plugging your smart phone or tablet into the manufacturers own wall charger. The charging unit at the heart of our UCS solution will emulate the manufacturers charging profile and avoid potential battery life loss from over or under charging; this is the case even when used as a multiple USB charging station. Whether used as a combination iPad charging station, a secure mobile phone charger, or mobile POS charging solution, UCS can handle the various demands with ease.

Keep your tech protected with our multiple tablet charging station

UCS is a robust and secure solution for charging and storing your tablets or USB powered devices. UCS is Clicksafe compatible and also allows for both bolt down and stackable options.

ucs protection

Use Universal Charging Station across multiple applications

Wherever you utilise tablets or USB charged devices, UCS provides a secure charging and storage unit to protect your investment in technology.


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