SpacePole TabPrint


SpacePole TabPrint answers the need to take Tablet POS to a new level of integration, looks and functionality with in a really neat design. TabPrint is a stylish mount for incorporating a printer and tablet enclosure in a compact, fashionable solution with a small footprint.

Designed to be used in combination with our A-Frame and X-Frame tablet enclosures, the SpacePole TabPrint mounting solution allows for any tablet to be at that heart of an app-based solution irrespective of it being based on an iOS®, Android® or Windows® operating system.

Rather than having a separate tablet and printer with all the clutter and cabling issues that that entails, TabPrint integrates both in one stylish combination, within an ergonomic form factor. Cable management is taken care of internally, enhancing security and decreasing the chances of tampering.

SpacePole TabPrint:

SpacePole TabPrint features a flip feature such that the operator can simply flip the screen so that it faces the customer – allowing for a range of assisted sales applications.

With its functionality and looks, TabPrint is the ideal mounting solution for a wide range of retail, hospitality and leisure industry applications.

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