Dock & Charge

Secure magnetic tablet dock and stand

Dock & Charge enables you to leverage your tablet estate, wherever your workforce operate

Tablet Dock – A Tablet Docking Station & Charging Dock

Dock & Charge is a flexible tablet dock solution that turns a static work station into a mobile platform, in an instant, bringing connectivity, mobility and tablet security into a tablet docking station. Integrated power management with a choice of mounting options (such as tablet stands and holders) provide stability for a tablet charging dock and network connection.

dock charge product range

Dock & Charge configuration

The Dock & Charge tablet docking station is available as an Apple iPad docking station or a Samsung Galaxy Tab android tablet docking station and is compatible with a wide range of accessories to extend your functionality.

Dock & Charge enclosures and mounting pole stands are now available separately so you can configure any combination with the tablet dock. This makes it ideal for using a single tablet charging station stand or enclosure across multiple locations, such as retail or restaurant environments.

Step 1: Select Dock & Charge tablet dock

Apple iPad Docking & Charging Station

The iPad docking station is available in black or white to fit iPad Air, Air 2 and iPad Pro 9.7″. Includes standard fixed mounting pole.

  • SPDC101-EU – Dock & Charge for Apple (EU Power plug)
  • SPDC101-UK – Dock & Charge for Apple (UK Power plug)
  • SPDC101-US – Dock & Charge for Apple (US Power plug)
  • SPDC102 – Dock & Charge for Apple (Enclosure only)
dock charge samsung

Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Tablet Docking & Charging Station

This android tablet docking station is available in black or white. Includes standard fixed mounting pole.

  • SPDC201-EU – Dock & Charge for Samsung (EU Power plug)
  • SPDC201-UK – Dock & Charge for Samsung (UK Power plug)
  • SPDC201-US – Dock & Charge for Samsung (US Power plug)
  • SPDC202 – Dock & Charge for Samsung (Enclosure only)

Step 2: Select Dock & Charge mounting pole


Standard fixed mount

Fixed tilt. Available in black or white

  • SPDC101 – Dock & Charge for Apple – Enclosure and Pole Mount
  • SPDC201 – Dock & Charge for Samsung – Enclosure and Pole Mount
  • SPDC002 – Dock & Charge – Pole Mount only
duratilt pole product option

DuraTilt tilting mount

Utilizes the patented DuraTilt mount that offers 210 degrees of rotation and tilt functionality. Available in black or white.

  • SPDC104 – Dock & Charge for Apple – Enclosure and DuraTilt Pole Mount
  • SPDC204 – Dock & Charge for Samsung – Enclosure and DuraTilt Pole Mount
  • DTP101 – Dock & Charge – DuraTilt Pole Mount only
dock charge floor stand

Floor mount

Fixed tilt floor mount 100cm tall. Available in black or white.

  • SPDC103 – Dock & Charge for Apple – Enclosure and Floor Stand Pole Mount
  • SPDC203 – Dock & Charge for Samsung – Enclosure and Floor Stand Pole Mount

Step 3: Add optional accessories to complete your solution


Hand strap

  • SPOS103
Universal Tablet Security Stand

Shoulder strap

  • SPOS104

M-Case Mobile Payment Device Enclosure

M-Case is a simple case that protects your mobile payment device and allows it to attach to the rear of the A-Frame tablet enclosure. Available in black and clear. Available for a range of mobile card reader devices


M-Case Quick Release

The Quick Release adapter enables an M-Case mobile payment enclosure to be attached to the rear of the Dock & Charge:

  • SPA107

DuraTilt Pole Adapter for Dock & Charge

Combine the Dock & Charge tablet enclosure with SpacePole DuraTilt tilting poles using this adapter:

  • SPDC001

Ideal enterprise mobility solution for applications that require both static and mobile operator use

In a business environment, chances are that tablets will fulfill both mobile and static workflow operations. Therefore it is necessary to invest in mounting hardware that allows use in both situations, with minimal disruption and downtime transitioning between the two. Having an iPad docking station that can instantly be turned into a mobile payment portal opens a huge range of opportunity for retail, hospitality and events sectors

Dock & Charge, our ergonomic tablet docking station does that by leading from the front. The tablet dock is packed full of features that enable both static and mobile enterprise mobility applications, it is the ultimate tablet charging station solution for iPads and android tablets which suits each user’s personal requirements – seamlessly changing between mounted interaction and mobile applications.

  • Fast, secure and seamless locking and charging of the mounted tablet charging station
  • Multi-tablet: one enclosure fits six different tablets
  • Protects the iPad and tablet dock from theft and abuse
  • Combines the advantages of both fixed and mobile user environments
  • Easy to use hand grip
  • Mounts and charges itself and additional devices via MicroUSB, e.g. payment devices
  • Suitable for several markets and verticals
  • Compatible with peripherals, hand strap and shoulder strap
  • Fits recent product range and design line
  • Compatible with a range of tablet devices

Modular and upgradable tablet charging enclosure

Dock & Charge uses a unique internal system that allows different tablets to fit in the enclosure by simply changing the silicone attachments located in the corner of the frame. This gives the Samsung & iPad dock flexibility for future tablet upgrades without changing existing hardware.


Perfect tablet charging mount for mPOS applications

Uniquely, Dock & Charge allows full integration with a mobile payment terminal whether the application is static or mobile, and in the cradle, provides simultaneous charge for both tablet and payment terminal, alike.

Use Dock & Charge across multiple applications

Dock & Charge provides an effective solution that leverages the unique possibilities tablet devices offer in a multitude of customer facing applications.