Tablet enclosures, mounting & mobile solutions

Our comprehensive range of OpenSpace tablet-ready technology enclosures deliver environmentally hardened, high quality mounts. Our solutions bring multiple mounting options for both static and mobile applications, empowering your workforce to maximize the advantages of tablet use.


Find POS tablet mount and stand solutions for tablet devices including Apple iPad stands and Samsung Galaxy Tab mounts.


Find solutions for mobile card readers including iZettle, PayPal Here, Ingenico iCMP and Verifone e355.


A-Frame secure metal universal tablet mount

A-Frame is a universal tablet enclosure made from aluminium that offers protection and security, while being compatible with a wide range of SpacePole mouting poles. Ideal for retail or hospitality, both customer facing and direct operator usage.

Dock & Charge secure magnetic tablet mount and stand

Dock & Charge is the latest flexible POS tablet mounting solution that enables true portability in a POS tablet holder and mount and enclosure that also doubles as a secure docking station. This makes Dock & Charge our most complete tablet solution ever – with the option to take it anywhere, charge when docked and even power external devices such as contactless mobile payment terminals.


C-Frame universal desk tablet stand

C-Frame is the latest POS tablet stand solution from SpacePole that offers a unique, stylish and practical approach to mounting tablets in a wide range of applications. Ideal for MPoS, C-Frame is compatible with most 10″ tablets and is available in a range of bright colours.


K-Frame kiosk style tablet stand

The K-Frame is the ultimate choice for using tablets in a kiosk style presentation application. Incredibly secure and rugged, yet elegantly designed, the K-Frame OpenSpace mount enables tablets to be used in a public environment without damage or security issues.


X-Frame lightweight tablet mount

The X-Frame delivers a solution to service all customer tablet requirements with this highly flexible design. It combines our traditional expertise & knowledge with a new aesthetic design to meet the growing demands and use of tablet-based technology. Whether youre looking for an iPad holder or a mount for another make of tablet, X-Frame is secure, robust and stylish.


Vario tablet mobility sled

Vario and OpenSpace is a range of tablet enclosures and accessories that provide you with the latest technologies in tablet mobility. Perfect for using tablets on-the-go or at events and mobile work environments where portability is the key to successful business.


UCS Universal Charging Station

With the increasing number of tablets and other mobile technologies being deployed in a multitude of applications, SpacePole has created a secure and flexible storage and charging solution to protect your investment in technology.



M-Case mobile payment enclosures

The OpenSpace M-Case enclosure is a low profile protective casing that enables the mobile card reader to be secure and attached via a belt/pocket-clip (with retractable option), a neck lanyard (with safety release) or within a fixed application using our range of SpacePole Mounting solutions.