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In the retail sector, we supply over 60% of custom retail display stands to the global top 50 retailers. In an industry where delivering seamless omnichannel services is now the norm, every interaction that customers have with a retailer is more important than ever. SpacePole, Inc has a range of point of sale, point of service and point of payment mounts and associated products to help retailers successfully facilitate staff and customer touchpoints in a wide variety of fixed and mobile locations, throughout the store.

With our retail display stands, shoppers want to have an experience with a retailer that remains consistent and straightforward with every engagement; whether it’s accessing stock information at home then coming in-store to buy or collect, or using in-store retail kiosk stands or tablets to enrich and add value to customer visits. Inquire about your POS stands for retail applications today.


Securing your retail point of sale stand and point of service technology

We can provide durable, secure and ergonomically designed mounts throughout stores, using trusted SpacePole technology to provide information and a smooth user experience to customers and staff at every point of need.

We provide custom retail display stands such as standalone kiosks or desks with secure tablet mounts can be used to offer customers everything from stock information to special offers, promotional videos, to capture consumer data, tell your brand story or allow customers to ‘check in’ on social media and share their shopping experience with their networks. Our POS stands for retail enable devices to direct consumers to the items they want to find physically in the store, and can also include tools for helping them select the right product for them, right there while they are in a position to make a buying decision.

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Point of payment in the retail sector

Our payment device mounts can ensure that there are PCI DSS compliant payment gateways everywhere you need them, whether fixed or mobile around the store.

Whether you want wall-mounted technology, floor or desk mounted screens and devices, we have solutions that will work for your setting and offer the security and functionality that you need.

See the full range of Point of Sale mounts here.

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Technology Mounts Buying Guide

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If there is one thing that bricks & mortar retail offers over purely online shopping, it’s that it’s a tangible buying experience and, in most cases, the instant gratification of getting a product immediately. However, in order to ensure that this buying experience is a positive one for the majority of customers, it’s essential that retailers make the process of visiting a store and completing a transaction in person, a seamless process and a continuation of any online experiences that they may have already had with the brand.

This buying guide outlines some of the point of sale, point of payment and customer service considerations for various retail applications and the types of technology mounts and solutions that might help to offer a smooth and streamlined approach that complements online and offline shopping experiences for customers.

Point of Sale (POS)

Standard fixed POS

Using a standard fixed counter and till with a traditional set up may be the best option for some retailers. As customers tend to know where to go when they want to pay for their goods, this hardware can be permanently secured to the counter or kiosk. With the ability to have a cash till, card payment device, printer for receipts and other peripherals (such as a security tag remover for fashion retailers) in one fixed location, it can help transactions go through smoothly and quickly.

With a fixed location and equipment, there are ergonomic considerations to address, as different members of staff will often be using the same set-up at different times, so it needs to be comfortable and safe for all, with adjustable and secure mounts for hardware. There is also the POS footprint to consider, and how this impacts on the retail space available for product displays.

Fixed POS locations don’t have to be big and bulky though. Using an all-in-one POS system, the amount of hardware needed to make a sale and accept payments can be kept to a minimum, freeing up counter space and allowing a smaller footprint.

Mobile POS (mPOS)

Some retailers are choosing to either complement their fixed POS points with mobile solutions, or are replacing them completely with a full mPOS system. Using mobile devices, usually tablets that can be combined with card payment machines or can simply take secure web-based payments as they are, this type of solution isn’t tied to a fixed location. Sales associates with an mPOS system can move freely about the store, engaging with customers and enabling purchases there and then, without the need for them to approach a till.

Despite their mobile nature, mPOS systems can also be highly secure, with PCI-compliant equipment restricting the chances of tampering or theft. In addition to the capabilities of a till on-the-fly, mPOS also offers additional customer service applications and data capture capabilities using the tablet device.

Smaller retailers, or pop-ups who don’t necessarily have a permanent location, often find that mPOS solutions are the best option for them and many larger retailers are combining both fixed and mobile POS systems for increased flexibility and an enhanced shopping experience for their customers.

Point of Payment

Fixed payment points

As previously mentioned, a traditional fixed and staffed till is one option for taking payments, but retailers are no longer restricted to this solution, especially when there are other processes and equipment which better suit the needs of their customers.

Self-checkout payments

Card payment devices (including those accepting contactless payments) can be securely mounted to desks, counters, self-checkout machines and even people, to allow customers more choices in where and how they pay for products. Being able to segment customers into those paying by card, or by cash, means that queues can move more quickly and smoothly.

Mobile payment points

With secure online payments still a growing industry, offering customers a totally cashless way to make payments instantly using a mobile device and a payment platform they trust, is likely to continue to expand as an option. With no fixed location strictly necessary, this can minimise customer waiting time to pay and reduce the purchase abandonment rate in stores.

Clear communication to customers is required to highlight all of their payment options and how they work in-store, to ensure that they get the full benefit of the solution that works best for them and that specific purchase.

Point of Service

The buying journey can be enhanced for customers by offering them different ways in which to find information.

Fixed & staffed information points

For many retailers, having a fixed location for customer service with a manned counter is very much the norm. It offers a set place for customers to go when they need assistance.

However, the ways that customers want to interact with a brand do not always follow the traditional route, due to changes in the way that people like to shop, both on and offline.

Non-manned information points

Information points around a retail outlet don’t necessarily need to be manned. Tablets can be securely mounted to walls, desks, kiosks or virtually any other surface, enabling shoppers to use them to do everything from returning items or finding real-time stock information on products to seeing exclusive offers, watching product videos, comparing similar products side-by-side, or reading customer reviews about what they want to buy. Essentially giving them a more joined-up approach to an online shopping experience, with the benefits of being in-store.

Mobile customer services staff

With a tablet device linked to in-store stock information and a product catalogue, a member of customer services staff, who isn’t tied to a specific location within the store, has the freedom to meet customers at their point of need, anywhere within the whole outlet.

Data capture with mobile solutions

Ideal for capturing customer data anywhere in-store, tablets can help your staff sign customers up for loyalty schemes, enter competitions, opt-in to email newsletters for an on-the-spot discount, ‘check in’ on social media,  or take instant-feedback surveys to help improve services.

Using technology to close the gap between on and offline shopping experiences is one way that retailers can offer positive experiences to their customers across many touchpoints.

For more information or advice on the right technology mounts for your retail setting, contact SpacePole today.

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