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Securing tablets and mPOS devices in restaurants & bars

One consideration for using tablets on tables and having mPOS devices in high traffic areas is always going to be security. Taking the necessary steps to ensure that the equipment can’t be tampered with is essential for businesses to be PCI compliant, where payments are concerned. Protective and secure mounting options such as the SpacePole range for tablet devices used on tables or in bars for unattended public use. Tablet mounts and stands can also include secure docking stations, such as the SpacePole A-Frame, negating the requirement for removing the devices daily to charge elsewhere on the premises.

For portable payment devices, the ideal scenario, is one provided by the SpacePole Solo™ payment mounting solution whereby devices such as the Ingenico iSMP4 and Verifone E355 can be used as a fixed payment point with physical security and in-stand charging and then easily removed for truly mobile at table payments.

 Gathering customer insights through tablet implementation in bars & restaurants

One of the most powerful results of this new technology, is the customer insight into spending habits and trends that can be gained from the data collected by these tablets via the apps that they run; more so even than spending increases and a positive user experience where the diners feel unrushed and able to order at their own pace.

With a tablet and those specialist apps, the possibilities for data collection are huge. Not only the buying habits of customers at various time of the day, week, month and year, but these apps can also form part of a marketing or loyalty strategy. With the ability to prompt competition entries, customer reviews and opt-ins to a marketing database whilst they’re still sat at their table, tablets can prove a valuable resource in multiple areas of the business.

Solutions for restaurants and bars

Technology is transforming the hospitality industry; never more so than in bars and restaurants, where it’s not just payments that are changing. Tablets and mobile point of sale (mPOS) devices are revolutionizing not only the way that customers can pay for their food and drink, but even how they order, and can help to shape their entire experience on your premises, as well as gaining powerful customer insights for you.

Customers in bars or restaurants no longer always expect to queue at the bar to pay for drinks or food, when they can order and pay from a tablet on a table. When it comes to paying the bill after eating, people expect to be able to do so from their seat, using a mobile payment terminal and not letting their debit or credit card out of their sight, rather than going to a fixed till, as used to be the norm.

 Self-ordering units

Some restaurant chains use tablets on every table for people to order their food and drinks, as well as for paying their bill, which some early adopters believe has driven an increase in the amount some customers spend. By removing the interaction with waiting staff at the point of ordering (even though all orders generally are checked and confirmed by staff before being processed) some restaurant chains have reported that more desserts and drinks are ordered than normal, nudging up the spend. Another type of implementation can be installing tablets in restaurants for general entertainment and information purposes. This is hugely popular with families, allowing patrons to play a number of games, access social media and news whilst they wait for their order, or to occupy children, thereby encouraging the family to stay longer (and spend more) whilst everyone remains entertained.

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