SpacePole for the Hospitality Industry

SpacePole for the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has been transformed by technology in recent years, with online services and developments in hardware facilitating cashless payments, contactless solutions and the evolution of mobile POS (mPOS). If you run a hotel, restaurant, bar, sports stadium or run any kind of hospitality event or venue, being able to use tablet devices, information kiosks and flexible point of sale solutions to improve the customer/visitor (and staff) experience is a huge plus.

 Making the hospitality experience better for all with secure tablet solutions

The benefits of using tablet technology in the hospitality industry are many; with the ease of use for customers and staff a major factor. Think ‘table-top ordering’ of food and drink to assist the waiting staff and servers and ensure quick and simple payments for customers, without having to wait or queue. Think tablet information or ordering kiosks that don’t need to be manned, with customers and visitors easily able to find the answers to their questions or make an order at their own pace. Think hotel check-ins (and outs) that can be done from comfortable seats in the reception area rather than queueing at a busy desk, or sports stadiums with accessible technology that means they are a more inclusive venue for everyone to enjoy.

Keeping the hardware, which facilitates these positive changes for a wide variety of hospitality applications, safe from damage, theft or tampering doesn’t need to be a headache. With secure mounts, tethers and enclosures, such as the SpacePole mounting & mobility product suite, these risks can be mitigated, and charging cables can also be incorporated and hidden in the tablet case or mount, keeping things neat, tidy, and compliant with security and health and safety guidelines.

 Advertising, data capture and partnership opportunities

With tablets or screens that are customer-facing, you have a prime opportunity for advertising to people. For hotels, this could be upgrades and add-ons for people during their stay, or partnerships with local businesses or tourist attractions. For bars and restaurants, this could be special offers or upsells during their visit, discount codes for return visits, or capturing customer data for future marketing opportunities.

They can also make it much easier for staff to deal with customers or visitors. With tablet enclosures that staff can securely carry around with them, they can deal with any questions, problems or issues wherever the need arises, without being tied to a fixed location within the venue. These secured tablet devices can be used to take payments e.g. via PayPal and other online payment services, or can be paired up with a mobile payment card reader to give ultimate flexibility for workers and customers alike.

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