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Ergonomic Solutions for events & exhibitions

Attending exhibitions and industry events remains an important part of the marketing fabric for many sectors, whether it’s a conference, a product or brand showcase or launch, or a press event. Their portability and ease-of-use make tablet computers an ideal choice in these settings, whether for displaying information, playing videos and other media, demonstrating products or providing an interactive experience for users. These devices offer people a hands-on way of doing everything from viewing your brand story and navigating your website or app, to playing a new game, using a prototype tool, pre-ordering something or accessing exclusive content – all at a location , or multiple locations, of your choice.

Instant Demonstrations using Secure Tablet Solutions

Making sure that your exhibition and events tablet devices don’t go walkabout whilst you’re on location, and to reduce the risk of tampering, theft and damage, it’s essential to make sure they are adequately secured. This could involve them being fixed, within a secure tablet enclosure, to a desk, or kiosk, via a mount that is ergonomically designed for use in this type of setting.

Having a tablet secured in this manner can free up staff to focus on other things, enabling exhibition or event visitors to explore the information, app or other content themselves, shaping their own experience with the brand or event at their own pace.

Data Capture at Exhibitions & Events

One of the most important functions of tablet devices at events and exhibitions, is the ability to capture data on the fly. Whether it’s collecting information from potential new customers, running an industry survey or getting instant genuine feedback on your new product, app or content at the moment it’s freshest in people’s minds, the information you can gather is invaluable for shaping new products or services and capturing contact data for highly qualified leads.

With tablet enclosures that staff can carry around with them securely, or fixed tablet mounts as part of your display, you’re enabling quick and easy data capture in any exhibition or event location. Your tablet devices can be used to take payments through PayPal and other online payment services, or can be paired with a mobile payment card reader to offer a wider variety of ways to receive payments.

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Events & Exhibitions
Technology Mounts Buying Guide

Tablets, screens and other technology can have a hugely important role to play at exhibitions and events. Whether it’s communicating important information to passers-by, enabling people to demo software, or for data capture purposes, this kind of hardware can transform your presence at events or exhibitions in many ways.

This buying guide outlines some of the different ways in which tablets can be used in various exhibition or event applications and the types of technology mounts and solutions that might help to offer a smooth and streamlined approach for everyone involved.

Showcasing Products

Digital brochures

Using a tablet mounted to a table, desk, kiosk, floor stand or even a wall can be a great way for people attending the event or exhibition to view your full digital brochure in real time and, as you are unlikely to have a full product range with you on the day, order or show their interest in other products or services. Enabling your own specific content on the device will ensure that delegates or visitors can navigate their own way around your digital brochure and product range in their own time.

New product launches

If you’re launching a specific product or new range, using tablet devices at an event or exhibition stand will enable you to convey further information about your launch and the features of your product to interested parties without requiring staff input every time. You can use video content or allow users to take a closer look at technical specs on floor-mounted tablets or devices fixed to desks, tables or even walls.

Sales presentations

Using tablet devices as part of sales presentations at events or exhibitions is a great way to help people engage. If people follow along with a presentation on a device they are using, it means they can immerse themselves in the content as it happens, providing a much richer and more memorable experience.

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Assisted demos

A member of staff carrying a tablet device doesn’t need to be fixed to a certain location, meaning that at events or exhibitions, anywhere with internet access can become a place to demonstrate your products or services; you don’t need to wait for people to come to you. Staff can go out and provide assisted demonstrations to any interested parties using a tablet with ease.

Self-directed demos

By using tablet devices securely mounted throughout your exhibition or event space, you can allow interested visitors to access demos on these screens and direct their own experience of your brand and products/services, without the need for staff to man each information point.


Games can be a great point of access for people who are new to your brand, whether you are involved in the games industry or not. Providing a fun gameplay experience, or even a silly quiz, on securely mounted tablets in kiosks or on a counter, gives people a way to engage with your brand in a memorable way. The element of competition in games or quizzes can add an extra dimension to your event or exhibition stand too, giving people an extra reason to visit you or come back for more, especially if there is an incentive or prize involved.

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Instant Online Payments

Tablet online payments

In addition to having tablet devices on hand at exhibitions and events as a great display tool, they can also be used to make secure, instant online payments, anywhere there is an internet connection. So not only can you present or launch a product at your event or exhibition, you can also take orders and put payments through, using familiar platforms such as PayPal, on the spot too.

Secure card readers

If you’d rather use a card reader device for taking payments, this can be done with ease using a PCI compliant mPOS (Mobile Point of Sale) casing and tether. By taking these steps to ensure that the card machine isn’t tampered with or stolen, you can provide a form of payment that people already know and trust. These can be tethered to a fixed point in your stand or at your event, or can be secured to a member of staff, which frees them up to be totally mobile around the space you are using.

Instant Online Payments

Register interest or pre-order

Using tablets to capture the data of people who express an interest in your products or services whilst at an event or exhibition is a great use of this technology and one that can prove a valuable way to record and keep track of new business leads. With a simple form, you can easily enable people to register their interest in a forthcoming product, service or another event/exhibition in seconds, or pre-order something due for release soon.

Mailing list or marketing opt in

Providing your events team or staff with a quick and easy way to sign interested people up for your mailing list or to be sent more information at a later date is simple with a mounted tablet or one securely carried by a team member. You can use a simple form to capture this essential data in a few moments, and is ideal for things like gathering competition entries too.

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