How can OpenSpace Tablet Mobility Solutions benefit your workplace?

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Mobility is where we see technology evolving to Do you remember back in the day when computers were the size of living rooms, mobile phones were over-sized bricks and watches simply just told the time? As technology grows up and permeates deeper into our every day lives, the amount we...

It’s Monsoon season for UCS and secure charging

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Charging and storing is key for tablet integration The recently published Tablet TouchPoints Insights from SpacePole, Inc. noted charging and security as one of the five key areas to be addressed in the planning for a successful deployment of tablets and other mobile devices. In today’s unified commerce world, customers expect...

A joined up physical security and PCI compliance strategy is no accident

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A significant investment is made when deploying an estate of payment terminals and so the last conversation that many retailers want to have is about how they have to spend even more money on securing the devices. Our approach is to help merchants and operators understand the risks, and assist...

Securing Payments in Augusta

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Can we get an Amen? From a cold one in the Amen Corner grandstands to swag from the outdoor golf shops, 2016 Masters patrons are paying for snacks and souvenirs using Ingenico payment devices on SpacePole mounts. With merchandise sales estimated at $47.5 million plus another $7.75 million in concessions,...

Tablet Touchpoints: A roadmap and guide for profitable commercial tablet deployment

On February 19, 2016, Posted by , In Enterprise mobility,Industry topics,SpacePole Products, With No Comments

Tablets are stealing the show in the business environment, enabling closer, stronger customer relationships… but how do you ensure your investment delivers day-in, day-out? There are myriad proven efficiencies driven by enterprise mobility solutions. However, there are a number of things that can go wrong in implementation that prevent companies from reaping the…

The importance of ergonomics training

On December 18, 2015, Posted by , In Retail ergonomics, With No Comments
Training, training, training! I always tell our customers that installing flexible, adjustable workstations is fantastic… but only if they show their employees how to use them! Too often I go to a site where there is a great set up – adjustable chairs, foot rests or screens so that different...

An Introduction to SpacePole, Inc. Contacts

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Meet your team Your Sales and Support points of contact related to the SpacePole business will remain the same. New SpacePole email addresses, shown below, were in effect as of November 1st. We look forward to working with you at this very exciting time. Please contact us with any questions that you may...

SpacePole, Inc. launches in North America

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SpacePole, Inc. launches in North America by acquiring the relevant operational assets of long-time distribution partner, Seamark International LLC Nashua, New Hampshire, November 1st 2015. The Ergonomic Solutions Group can today announce that SpacePole, Inc.  ( has opened for business in North America, by bringing in-house the operational assets of...

New S-Frame tablet enclosure and mounting solution released

The new S-Frame from SpacePole, Inc. provides a robust yet stylish, modular and secure aluminum finished enclosure that allows business to unlock the potential of their tablet estate. Aesthetic in style and modular in design, S-Frame answers many of the challenges faced by businesses with the desire and requirement to provide instant...


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