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Safeguarding Social Distancing

Safeguarding Social Distancing In a time when a trip to the store requires military-grade project management and a flexibility of schedule that can cater for fellow shoppers who have less than a full day of laundry, conference calls and teenage angst to juggle, shopping is no longer the enjoyable distraction...

Every Little Helps: Raising Contactless Payment limits can help fight the COVID-19 Pandemic

Raising Contactless Payment Limits ‘Separated for a moment to always be together’ is a slogan by one of the United States leading fast food chains. It seems to have greater relevance than ever as we collectively fight the battle against the COVID-19 global pandemic. When we overcome this adversity, we’ll…

Accessibility kiosk solutions for blind and partially sighted

If you’ve traveled by plane or train, visited a fast food outlet or looked for stock items in a retailer recently, chances are you’ve used a touchscreen to complete the task. Touchscreen kiosks are increasingly commonplace in restaurants, transportation and retail environments for customer self-service. However, self-service mobile applications, touchscreen...

In-store Dining Embraces the Tablet Revolution

The in-store dining experience is fast becoming a key element in the customer journey in the major grocery stores across the United States and tablets are providing that customer interface - from the front of house through at table service and even within the kitchen itself. Devices such as tablets...

Tablets and Mobility – the key to unlocking the personalized shopping experience

On June 14, 2017, Posted by , In Grocery Solutions,Industry topics, With No Comments
The success of retail, in these challenging times, is determined, in significant part, by the way retailers can create a joined-up shopping experience - one which reflects in-store, what the customers take for granted, online. Devices such as tablets and their associated apps enable the customer service that consumers expect...

Why mount a payment terminal in your grocery store?

On May 30, 2017, Posted by , In Grocery Solutions,Industry topics, With No Comments
Why mount a payment terminal? A payment terminal is a valuable piece of hardware and an essential element of your point of sale solution. It needs protection! In your grocery business, you need reliability, stability and excellence in customer service. If you leave your payment terminal sitting on the checkout,...


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