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SpacePole enables the best in customer service at Retail Now 2018

In a world where retail must seamlessly provide a multichannel experience that allows for the customer to buy in a way that suits them, providing a in experience in-store that matches what the customer finds on line, is vital. Hardware for both static and mobile applications must be optimized to...

What is OpenSpace Tablets & Mobility?

We have seen a shift over the last few years that shows a change in how new technology is implemented, particularly into retail. Many stores are now embracing the omnichannel approach of online and offline and integrating the shopper’s experience across multiple environments. These changes include new ways to pay,...

5 Steps for successful tablet use in a hospitality environment

There are better ways to protect and handle a tablet in your business… The 2015 indepenedent survey commisioned by NCR (2015 Restaurant Technology Pulse) has found that nearly 70% of restaurateurs and managers believe that technology has a direct impact on increased revenues. One key finding showed that the implementation of...

Tablet Touchpoints: A roadmap and guide for profitable commercial tablet deployment

On February 19, 2016, Posted by , In Enterprise mobility,Industry topics,SpacePole Products, With No Comments

Tablets are stealing the show in the business environment, enabling closer, stronger customer relationships… but how do you ensure your investment delivers day-in, day-out? There are myriad proven efficiencies driven by enterprise mobility solutions. However, there are a number of things that can go wrong in implementation that prevent companies from reaping the…


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