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How Samsung tablets are transforming PoS and Customer Services globally

An estimated 1.28 billion tablet devices were used at least once a month in 2018, which is equivalent to more than 20% of the world’s population using a tablet. They are used in homes, workplaces, hotels, restaurants, whilst travelling and even in Space. In fact, tablet devices are now pretty...

The complete guide to using Apple iPads for business

The Apple iPad has played a huge part in transforming many parts of modern life; probably even more than we realize. The iPad has had an impact on how we ‘do’ everything from reading books and consuming video content, how we communicate with family and friends, to how we learn,...

The rise and rise of Self-Service Kiosks

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Self-service kiosks have become a frequent fixture in many of our lives in recent years. Whether we’re looking for a quick way to pay and go at supermarket checkouts, ordering at a fast food outlet, or using information points in train stations, airports, at conferences or events, these devices come...

Four ways that mobile payment and tablet technology can drive growth and revenue in the public transport sector

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In a rapidly changing world, cashless transport is becoming the norm. Whether it’s people using an app to hail a taxi and pay for a journey, or virtual tickets for a bus or train ride, payment technology is continuing to evolve. This is certainly true of the public transport sector,...

Getting the basics right from the start. NRF delivers a lesson in customer expectations

The recent National Retail Federation - NRF Retail's BIG show and expo in New York was an enormous success for the Ergonomic Solutions Group. With two booths, we followed the theme of the conference sessions by looking at how both static and mobile technology can be enabled to deliver that...

Fiftytwo joins Ergonomic Solutions’ Group ISV Program as their 52RETAIL mPOS application launches on SpacePole Duo™

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Ergonomic Solutions Group announced on the opening day of NRF 2019 that they have signed Danish Software Developer, Fiftytwo, as a member of their ISV program. Formed in 1952 as Bording Data, the company changed its name in 2018 to Fiftytwo, delivering industry specific software solutions for retail, leasing and the...


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