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Requirement to act quickly to be ready for the new normal

Now that there are some indications of a roadmap for the easing of the COVID-19 lockdown in England, Ian Dewar, Group Managing Director, Ergonomic Solutions, believes that retailers who may be able to start reopening stores from 1st June 2020, need to act quickly in order to be ready to trade safely when the opportunity arrives.

Operating with safe trading measures

“Social distancing and protective measures are going to be here for the foreseeable future. This is a huge challenge for both high street and out of town retail parks that are currently closed and will need to operate adhering to new hygiene and safety guidelines.”  – Ian Dewar

To help retailers prepare for the new normal, we have created a suite of complementary solutions that provide practical assistance in creating a workable social distancing environment.  These solutions are:

The SafeGuard Screen

Our SafeGuard Screen is a low cost and a simple to install acrylic screen which creates a safety barrier between customers and staff at the point of sale without obstructing the packing or payment areas.

spacepole safeguard sneeze guard screen

The Safeguard screen, with protective film at the point of payment, and installed in retail outlet

SpacePole Payment Paddle

Contactless payments have seen a surge in popularity. Barclaycard recently revealed that 43% of all transactions between the old limit of £30 and the new £45 ceiling are now contactless. Customers and store assistants no longer want to handle cash and using contactless means that they don’t have to handle the payment terminal either.

The SpacePole Payment Paddle is perfect for contactless payment transactions that occur when there is physical separation between customer and operator, especially fast food and quick service restaurants, home deliveries or any payment point where arm’s length payments are safer and more convenient.  The Payment Paddle has a lightweight aluminium design, comes in two sizes and can be stored in a wall mounted holder when not in use.

Safeguard payment paddle spacepole

The Payment paddle comes in two sizes, available up to 600mm length and has a convenient holder for storage when not in use

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Holder

Where the payment mount is securely mounted, and for those transactions which are above the increased limit, we have introduced a Hand Sanitizer Dispenser  which can be easily fitted to an existing installation, providing a quick and convenient opportunity to sanitize hands before and after using a PIN pad or handling the payment terminal.  It can also be mounted on a swing-arm, wall mount or top mounted on floor stands

hand sanitizer spacepole

Secure the hand sanitizer at the point of payment for safety and ease of use.

High quality, cost-effective ways to re-open in the new normal

With so many retailers under significant financial pressure from the period of lock down, it’s vital that there are high quality, cost-effective ways for retailers to prepare for reopening without compromising the safety of their staff and customers, enabling them to trade again as soon as it is considered safe to do so.

Ergonomic Solutions are here to Help and Advise

We’re working very hard to make sure that we can enable retailers to focus on hygiene, safety and address social distancing requirements.  The SafeGuard Group of products which includes the SafeGuard Screen, Payment Paddle and Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Holder, are in great demand. We have received lots of inquiries during the past few weeks and our factory has remained open throughout, keeping up with demand.

Ergonomic Solutions is open for business, in order to enable retailers to install cost-effective protective measures, and prepare for trade in the new normal.

Please contact us to see how we can help you prepare for the new normal.

Email: or click below.

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