Behind the scenes: Why The Global Leader in Technology Mounting Solutions Is Working Hard To Make Its Products Inconspicuous – and Invaluable

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In the complex, hyper-connected retail environment, where everything from products to brands to touchscreens to merchandising displays is vying for customer attention, it’s unusual for an international technology-support supplier to purposely push its products into the background.

But that focused approach is exactly what SpacePole, Inc., an Ergonomic Solutions Company based in Atlanta, is demonstrating on Booth 3773 at NRF 2020. SpacePole’s technology mounts don’t simply support and protect tech devices; they discreetly streamline and simplify every interaction – for customers and store associates, even in mobile situations and unattended locations – at every point of contact.

As Aaron Johnson, SpacePole’s Director of Sales and Products, explains, “There’s no need for our mounting products to show off. Our role is to support and enhance the accessibility, usability and security of any and all of the various technologies retailers choose to implement, in any physical environment and in any operational function. Our goal is performance that’s so flawless that it escapes notice.”

Historically, mounting solutions have been an afterthought as retailers planned technology investments, but increasingly are becoming a critical part of the digital transformation. More than simply point-of-sale payment stations, retail’s digital systems are rapidly evolving to include a range of networked tablets, touchscreens, electronic displays and smart mobile devices that:

  • Enhance the in-store customer experience
  • Improve user productivity, collaboration and job satisfaction
  • Enable inventory insights, BOPIS, ship-from store and other e-commerce fulfillment operations
  • Permit mobile, contactless, unattended and automated checkout
  • Support virtual reality, augmented reality and extended reality merchandising experiences
  • Ensure PCI and ADA compliance that is discreet, robust and accommodating

With retail no longer limited to the sales floor, retailers recognize that each interaction is now much more than a transaction. Checkout remains important, of course, but customers expect fast, easy, personalized service – regardless of location, device or platform – at every touch point. That means a successful retail solution must incorporate both stationary and mobile points of service and accommodate a changing mix of hardware and software from a range of brands and manufacturers.

In such a progressively complex and cluttered digital landscape, can retailers make future-proof decisions that satisfy today’s mobility, configuration and security demands without restricting their choices as enabling technologies continually evolve or risking ROI as changes occur?

Yes, by choosing an underlying solution from SpacePole.

Developed in partnership with global retailers and technology suppliers, SpacePole mounts ensure flawless performance across brands while strategically anticipating upgrades and new product releases. From in-store demos to pop-up shops, product comparisons to virtual merchandising, staffed or unattended, front-of-house or back-office operations, SpacePole’s versatile mounting solutions give retailers the uninterrupted power to provide seamless service wherever, whenever and however the customer prefers to engage.

Pos Mounts

Today’s retail spaces demand more than function alone. Form factor is also a critical consideration. Customer-facing technologies must be both visually appealing and physically accessible, with the robust capacity to function flawlessly anywhere the retail environment demands. With integrated locking mechanisms, universal mounting capabilities, and internal cable management, SpacePole mounts work ‘undercover’ to ensure ease of use and brand-appropriate aesthetics.

SpacePole, Inc., an Ergonomic Solutions company, is a leading supplier of innovative and ergonomically designed technology mounting and mobility solutions with more than 8 million solutions installed worldwide. SpacePole products are modular, meticulously manufactured, robotically tested, and proven in the field.

We outperform, without stealing the show.


For more information, contact:

Aaron Johnson
Director of Sales and Products
Cell: 770-868-6145
Direct: 470-273-6287

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