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The Apple iPad has played a huge part in transforming many parts of modern life; probably even more than we realize. The iPad has had an impact on how we ‘do’ everything from reading books and consuming video content, how we communicate with family and friends, to how we learn, shop, look for information online and even conduct business.

While the Apple iPad is by no means the only brand of tablet capable of helping businesses of all shapes and sizes, it’s one of the most popular choices for retailers, the hospitality sector and many other industries, due to the versatility, functionality and familiarity that makes it ideal for both consumer-facing and a powerful business tool.

Here, we cover some of the many ways in which iPads, along with various accessories and specialist equipment, can be implemented in a wide range of business environments and settings, helping to drive efficiency, increase customer satisfaction levels, capture valuable data and grow revenue.

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Using Apple iPads in the retail sector

One of the biggest business sectors to benefit from using iPads is retail. With a tablet device capable of being used in a myriad of different ways in a bricks and mortar store, iPads are helping retailers, large and small, to offer true omni-channel shopping to their customers.

With in-store iPads acting as everything from fixed kiosk catalogues for customers to find what they want or store associates to view stock levels, to point of sale (PoS) devices that allow consumers to self-checkout and pay for their purchases. It’s amazing what a difference this kind of technology can make to things like queuing times.

Whether you’re a store with iPad mini PoS stands as checkouts, have an iPad PoS swivel stand on your checkout counter so that customers and staff can interact with the same screen, or have separate iPad stands for a PoS system which offers self-service functionality, there are a wide range of applications for this type of equipment in a retail environment.

There are many different generations of iPad devices. You could be wanting to roll out iPad air retail stands for customers to use in-store for information look up or use of iPad mini 2 PoS stands for checkouts. This could potentially be an area of concern for retailers, if a change or upgrade in the iPad tech would make any existing mounts or enclosures obsolete. However, with compatible iPad PoS mounts that are designed to adjust to a variety of different devices and work with a range of enclosures, this helps mitigates that risk. somewhat.

The best iPad PoS stands for your retail requirements will depend on the nature of your set-up. Ensuring that any PoS workstations or fixed checkout points are designed with ergonomics in mind is vital. Taking into the account the adjustability of screens and peripheral equipment, so that people can use them comfortably, is an important consideration for the planning stages of this type of project.

Away from fixed PoS points, iPads can also be used for mobile PoS (MPoS) solutions in retail, meaning that customers don’t necessarily need to use a conventional till or checkout. Staff can instead process transactions wherever in the store they are required, increasing productivity and helping to keep queuing times down with no reduction in the number of transactions. For a semi-permanent PoS station, perhaps used for busy times, such as in sales periods, an iPad stand for retail stores can be the perfect way to expand the number of active checkouts, without needing to install permanent hardware.

If your retail locations will benefit from ways for customers to engage with and find information in-store, iPad retail display stands could be the ideal solution. You can use whatever size of tablet meets your requirements, with larger screens being well-suited to some retail environments and iPad mini retail stands being a good option for those with limited space.

The devices can be placed wherever they will best serve your customers, whether that is wall-mounted, securely enclosed in a kiosk, or using an iPad stand for a retail counter. The beauty of this technology is its flexibility to be whatever you need it to be.

We’ve only scratched the surface of the many ways in which iPads can be used in retail to bring together the online and offline experience and offer a range of benefits to customers. View our blogs to see a range of other retail applications for this type of technology.

Using Apple iPads in the hospitality sector

There are many ways in which the hospitality industry can benefit from using iPads to increase efficiency and even drive extra streams of revenue.

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With an iPad floor stand offering guests a way to check in or out without needing to wait at reception, this type of technology can prove to be invaluable at busy times – making the process considerably easier for staff and guests. iPad desk stands fixed in hotel rooms can make ordering room service a doddle and additional upsells (such as spa treatments) or local business advertising partnerships can bring in more revenue.

For more applications of this type of tablet technology in hotels, view our blog.

Bars & Restaurants

Tablets are becoming more and more widespread in bars and restaurants across the globe. With iPad display stands welcoming customers and helping staff to effectively manage tables, is just one area where significant efficiencies can be made. Table-top tablets that enable customers to order their food or drinks directly from their seat can enable a smooth and simple process; freeing up waiting staff to concentrate on other requirements. Customers can also use these iPad security stands fixed to their table to pay for their meal, and many restaurants using them have reported a higher average spend when consumers use a tablet device for ordering and paying for their meal.

In bars, iPads can be protected with secure mounts and enclosures, while offering customers a new way to avoid bar queues and helping staff to better manage peak periods.

Using Apple iPads for small businesses

Whether you’re a small independent retailer or a start-up offering any number of services, iPad technology can be used to help make your life easier and benefit your customers or clients too. Tablet devices can be anything from an online catalogue for your company, to a way to present or pitch for new business or a method of taking and making secure online payments. With the flexibility of being mobile when needed, or instantly being transformed into a fixed PoS or an information point, this technology offers a wide range of functionality in just one device that can be a big boon for small businesses in virtually any industry.

Using Apple iPads at events or exhibitions

Whether you’re a business that is exhibiting at a trade show or event, or a company that runs events, iPad technology can prove invaluable.

With an iPad stand holder as part of your exhibition or event display, people can interact with your products or services in person, testing things out or finding out information that will help them make a buying decision.

Having an iPad survey stand at a kiosk is a great way to capture valuable market data and industry insights from your target market. An iPad dock stand can also be used by your team to build opt-in marketing lists amongst the delegates or visitors, enabling you to follow up new business leads later and incorporate another arm of a wider marketing strategy for your business.

For more applications for iPad enclosure stands and other tablet technology at exhibitions and events, view our blog post.


Using Apple iPads in the travel & tourism sectors

For businesses that rely on visitors and tourism for much of their revenue – tablet technology can prove invaluable. The beauty of incorporating iPads for your business is that millions of people across the world are familiar with interacting and using them. The technology allows multi-lingual communication with ease, so an iPad pro display stand in a museum, for example, which needs to display information to people from many different countries, is more than up to the task of providing an easy-to-use menu that anyone can navigate around to access what they need.

Whether it’s an iPad air stand holder in a tourist attraction or an iPad fixed in a taxi showing adverts to passengers, there are many ways in which this type of setup can drive additional revenue as well as better meeting the needs of visitors or customers.

How can iPads used for business be protected from theft, damage or tampering?

As always in high-traffic or public areas, security is a big concern when using iPads or other tablets. How can they be kept safe?

You can choose iPad security stands with built-in protection from tampering or theft, with lockable enclosures to keep the device in place. iPad security cases with a lock and stand are a great way to protect a device in a fixed position, these tablets can also be used as MPoS devices or need to be portable to move around a store, event or other location. Mobile iPads used for your business can also be protected by securing them to the staff member using the device, along with any peripherals, such as card payment devices that can also be tethered.

It’s important for any tablets used by businesses to be PCI compliant if they take payments, to keep customer data safe.

If you want more information about how to incorporate iPad or other tablet technology in your business in a secure and ergonomically co way, contact or call us at 877-416-3294to discuss your requirements.

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