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Pole mounting solutions for payment devices, card readers and PoS terminals Pole mounts are essential equipment in many different PoS settings, whether for holding payment devices securely at an appropriate level for use by customers, or for ensuring payment terminal enclosures are placed appropriately for staff use at workstations. In addition to being ideal PoS pole mounts, this type of solution is also ideal for many other applications, including hotel check-in desks, for use in bars and restaurants, or at events and exhibitions. Anywhere there is a need for a secure, fixed payment point, our PoS pole enclosures can be utilised.

Using PoS pole stands developed with SpacePole technology means that your hardware can be secured from tampering or theft, whilst also giving the flexibility to allow ergonomic adjustments of the equipment, both for customers or for staff.

Our payment and screen pole mounts incorporate cable management into the design, keeping the installation clean and tidy, as well as offering a look that integrates easily with any setting. With payment device adaptors that have been developed with upgradability in mind, SpacePole products from Ergonomic Solutions offer a high degree of compatibility to help futureproof your PoS in any setting.

Configure your SpacePole Payment mount solutionAs with our SpacePole PoS Mounting range, simply choose which payment device you wish to mount for a compatible adapter plate, then select from the different card machine stand options for your mounting requirement. Add an optional ClickSafe security tether and your solution is complete.

Step 1: Confirm your supported payment terminal device

IngenicoMounting adapter plates fit the following Ingenico payment terminals:Lane 5000 V2Lane 7000Lane 80003010/305030703300338051006500 (high or low base)6700 (high or low base)65507900/5300EFT 930FlexiiCT220iSC350iPP320/350ML30Monetal PP30SiWL220/250/280iSC250iSC480iPP480iPP220iCT250 Same plate as iCT220

VerifoneMounting adapter plates fit the following Verifone payment terminals:IP800/EL-ME MPP-B833Mx870Omni 3750SC5000SecuraVIP500/EL-ME ST4000Vx510Vx520Vx610Vx680Vx570Vx810Vx820VX825VX805VX690VX670VX675MX915/925MX880

payment multigrip something else

Something else?Our card machine stand solutions already support a huge range of payment terminals from different hardware manufacturers, and our design and development team are able to produce MultiGrip plates for any payment terminal on the market.

Looking for solutions to support MPoS and mobile card readers? OpenSpace M-Case is a range of portable cases and desktop stands to support the latest mobile card readers.View OpenSpace M-Case >>

Step 2: Choose your payment device adapter

MultiClip adapterMultiClip is compatible with our SpacePole range of mounting solutions includuing our wider base SpacePole Stack. Discreet and minimalist in design, MultiClip is the almost invisible way to mount the Ingenico Lane series of payment Terminals.MultiClip was developed with the idea of upgradeability, so that when a new payment terminal is introduced, the existing mounting solution can be utilised again.MultiClip is currently compatible with the following payment terminals:Ingenico Lane 5000 V2Ingenico Lane 7000Ingenico Lane 8000MultiClip is fully compatible with our existing SpacePole payment mounting options:DuraTiltStack (Direct integration with MultiClip so retrofitting not possible)Low Profile

MultiGrip adapterMultiGrip is our tried and tested payment adapter solution to fit the largest possible range of new and existing payment terminals. Using soft rubber grips to secure the terminal in place and compatible with all our pole mounting and card terminal stand systems, there is a MultiGrip solution for every requirement.MultiGrip is made from high quality steel and is available both with an without handles, offering accessible use for all customers.MultiGrip is compatible with ALL payment terminals on the market with new devices being supported on release.Compatible with the following mounting options:DuraTiltStackLow Profile

Step 3: Choose your pole mounting option and add optional security

DuraTilt solutionUnique patented ergonomic designIncludes patented DuraTilt® technologyRotates 210° from customer side to cashier sideIntelligently designed anti -wobble plastic sleeveFully compatible with MultiGrip™ and MultiClip payment device adapters and SpacePole ClickSafe®Tested through 250,000 cyclesEnsures smooth operation of terminalInternal cable management with plastic grommets and limited head rotation to protect cableComes with a five year warrantyAvailable as a complete payment solution that includes:DuraTilt tilting mechanismCounter mount poleMultiGrip payment device adapter to fit all major payment terminalsOr alternatively with as a DuraTilt system with MultiGrip or MultiClip payment device adapter to add into existing systems.

SpacePole Stack solutionLarge top support for improved stability of payment terminalsWider body for improved cable managementCompatible with MultiGrip™ and MultiClip payment device adapterChoose between two different heights, out of the box:Height low range: 96mm/3.77’’Height high range: 124mm/4.88’’Competitive price pointTilt: 70°Rotation: 310°Footprint: 101.4mm/3.99’’Counter Mounting options:Self-tapping screwsSelf-adhesive padAdded security options through ClickSafe®Available as a complete payment solution that includes:Height adaptor that adds 18mm or just over 1” for added flexibilityCounter mount poleYour choice of MultiGrip or MultiClip payment device adapter – compatible with all major payment terminals

low profile pole product

Low profile solutionUnique ergonomic designFixed tiltRotates 210° from customer side to cashier sideFully compatible with MultiGrip™ and MultiClip payment device adapters and SpacePole ClickSafe®Ensures smooth operation of terminalInternal cable management with plastic grommets and limited head rotationto protect cablesComes with a five year warrantyAvailable as a complete payment solution that includes:Low profile mountCounter mount poleMultiGrip or MultiClip payment device adapter to fit all major payment terminals

Accessibility arm mounting solutionDesigned to offer a quick and easy way for ther operator to adjust the height and tilt of the payment device for all customers to use.Ideal for environments where access is difficult or wheelchair use is required.Compatible with all standard MultiGrip and MultiClip payment device adapter platesFull tilt and rotation functionality using attached handleEnsures smooth operation of terminal for both customer and operatorSimple cable managment for clean installationCompatible with ClickSafe locking technology cable tethers to keep it compliant with PCI physical security requirementsEnsures compliance with local accessibliity legislation

Drive thru extension armThe Drive thru extension arm enables a payment terminal device or mobile card reader to be attached to one end of an ergonomic handle, ideal for using in drive thru situations to take payments securely and safely. Compatible with all major payment terminals using our unique MulitGrip payment device adapter.Protects payment devices from drop and cable damageFlexible design to accommodate various payment terminals and functionsErgonomic operation for taking paymentsMore secure PIN entry for customerSpeed up transactions at the point of paymentReduced threat of theft

Taxi headrest mountWhy bring payment mounts to taxis? Card payments, and contactless in particular, are drivers of change in applications and verticals where cash was always thought to be king. Legislation by various Governmental organisations is also providing a requirement for taxi organisations to accept easy to use card payment solutions.Security enabled with ClickSafe® tethersReduces twist and turn for both driver and passengerEasy use for back seat passengerBracket with MultiGrip™ interface for both payment terminals and tablet mountsA range of mounting optionsPCI best practice complianceCompetitive price point

Security tethers and push-lockPush-lockSecurity at the Point of Sale has never been so important. In association with Kensington, we have developed a push-lock especially for MultiClip which not only secures, but contributes to the elegant and minimalist appearance of the total solution.The Dual Lock Curly CableThe ClickSafe dual lock is designed specifically for our SpacePole mounting solutions. To install the solution you simply click the two locks onto the SpacePole anchor and the hardware anchor. A high carbon 7×19 curly steel cable, designed to combat cutting attacks, connects the two lockheads featuring patented Kensington design. The lockheads pivot through 180° and allow for 360° rotation around the cable providing exceptional flexibility.The Single Lock Straight CableThe single lock straight cable option is designed to secure a payment terminal to a counter or wall using the anchor point. The carbon tempered 7×7 steel straight cable is simply looped through the anchor point and clicked onto the hardware anchor on the payment terminal. The ClickSafe die cast metal housing resists attacks and protects the advanced locking mechanism.

Whatever your PoS pole mount application, we have a flexible solution to meet all of your requirements. If you’re looking for screen pole mounts, for a till or another screen-based fixed payment point, we can offer a standard or bespoke solution that integrates seamlessly with your setting and existing hardware.

With PoS pole stands that can hide away any cables and can be used with a wide range of different terminal devices, for ultimate compatibility, Ergonomic Solutions offer a number of different options to ensure there is something that will be suited to your application.

Use SpacePole by Ergonomic Solutions across multiple applicationsSpacePole payment solutions are proven, robust and follow the latest PCI-DSS physical security best practice compliance directives. This includes the impending mandatory PCI 9.9 requirement. Ergonomic Solutions is the ONLY technology mounting solutions company to be an active participating member of the PCI Security Council.

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