Four reasons why hotels should utilize in-room tablets

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Tablets are not exactly new in the hospitality sector, but more and more hotels and chains are seeing the value and benefits of installing tablet devices inside rooms to transform the customer’s experience throughout their stay. We have compiled some of the top reasons for this growth and outlined the differences that tablet devices can make to guests and staff.

1. All of the hotel services at every guest’s fingertips

For hotels offering more than simply a bed for the night, in-room tablet devices can be a great way to let guests know what facilities and features they can enjoy to make the most of their stay. Whether it’s a quick video showing all of the things they can do on the premises, an app to order room service or pre-order a meal in the restaurant, or a way to book spa treatments or access the gym, tablets ensure your guests can fully utilize everything you have to offer, without needing to take up staff time and reducing the need for printed materials in rooms and receptions.

2. Upgrades and upsells with a couple of clicks

In addition to being able to access many of the hotel’s amenities on in-room tablet devices, guests can also be prompted to upgrade their experience or purchase extras in a way that isn’t pushy or interruptive. With exclusive special offers and discounts they can use via the tablet, guests may well be more likely to purchase upsells or little extras whilst the peace and quiet of their room, such as spa treatments, or a room upgrade, rather than when navigating a busy check-in area.

3. Built-in advertising space

One of the great features of tablet devices is that essentially you can display whatever content you want on them to guests. In addition to the hotel’s own facilities, you can also advertise things to do in the local area with business partners, special offers at local eateries or tourist attractions. Having affiliate partnerships with local businesses that are mutually beneficial can help to drive revenue and mean that guests get more out of their stay.

4. Rewarding loyalty

Having in-room tablet devices also offers a great way to help you foster and reward loyalty in your hotel guests. A sign-in account facility can mean they receive personalized offers and rewards, or tailored incentives for upsells that are based on their previous behavior during past stays, which can be very valuable to frequent users across larger chains.

Ensuring tablet device security

One of the biggest barriers to overcome with in-room tablets at hotels are the security concerns over theft or damage to the devices themselves. One way to mitigate this is by using security peripherals such as secure fixed tablet mounts (to a table, the wall or counter top) or safety tethers to keep tablets safe from tampering or theft, such as the OpenSpace range from SpacePole. Charging cables can also be integrated with the secure mount or tablet enclosure, meaning the devices do not need to be moved to recharge.

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