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A recent survey from Planet Retail noted that those organizations that utilized technology that resonated with their staff and customers would provide the customer journey that today’s 24/7 consumer demands. The current drive for convergence between online and in-store is providing the ideal platform for tablets to deliver that in-store experience. The stylishly refreshed A-Frame is ideally placed to enable tablet-based customer-facing applications across the store.

Setting up the A-Frame tablet enclosure is simplicity itself. With no assembly required, simply open the unit and place the tablet of choice inside. With the newly design Kensington push-lock as standard, this device combines good looks with discreet yet effective physical security.

The integrated security allows even more flexibility for mounting within your enterprise. With your tablet secure, OpenSpace A-Frame opens up unattended applications and information points along with customer sign in applications. And, site it where you wish! Floor, desk and wall mounted options are all available for this most sophisticated of solutions.

Recognizing the pace of change and the necessity to protect your investment, the latest version of A-Frame accommodates most existing tablets without any modification to the unit. Should there be a completely new tablet, then we can supply a fitting option for your A-Frame solution within ten days.

Simple as that!


  • In-store ordering
  • Information look up
  • Customer log-in
  • Virtual merchandising
  • Front of house
  • Tablet-based mPOS


  • Stylishly mount any tablet
  • Enclosure with integrated push-lock for enhanced security for your tablet
  • Revised aesthetic design
  • No assembly required
  • Desk, floor and wall mounts for the greatest flexibility of use
  • Lightweight yet robust aluminium construction form factor

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