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With Retail Now upon us, We thought it might be a good time to look at the increasing roles that tablets can play in all aspects of trade shows such as this – from information points, lead takers and visitor check-in terminals to the solutions on show themselves around the exhibition floor. In all cases, to ensure that these devices bring the value expected and the customer service desired, they need enabling though both static and mobile mounting solutions, which is of course, where we come in…

Whatever industry you’re in, if you ever have a presence at trade or consumer exhibitions, the experience and first impressions that people have when they visit your stand or speak to your representatives can help to shape their overall opinion of your brand, products and services forever.

Using tablet devices can help you to stand out from the competition at exhibitions and provide an experience that is both memorable and compelling to visitors. We’ve compiled six ways in which tablets can revolutionize an exhibition for both your company and the people you aid.

1. Enable hands-on product or service demos/games

Having tablet kiosks or devices available for visitors to use at your exhibition stand is a great way to provide a fully hands-on demo of your products or services. Obviously, if what you do lends itself to this type of device e.g. app or game development, software, online portals etc, then it’s a fairly straightforward process to develop something that can be used on tablet devices at exhibitions. However, if you sell furniture, clothes or provide a non-digital service, you may have to think a little more creatively to be able to demo what you do online.

Explainer videos, product review content and visuals on a tablet device that show what you do in action, in a real-world situation, and can give people a great insight into how your services could help them and the benefits of doing business with you.

2. Take orders/pre-orders and payments there and then

Tablets aren’t just a great way to display content, they can also be portable ordering and payment devices. With an internet connection, any tablet can become a secure payment gateway, using merchant services such as PayPal or Worldpay. One of the traditional issues with new business leads generated at exhibitions is that they can quickly cool by the time the delegate is back in their own setting and thinking about making a buying decision. Using tablet devices in an exhibition setting means that, when appropriate, people can make a buying decision there and then.

3. Self-directed discovery – Tell your story in a compelling way

Using tablet kiosks at exhibitions can be a great tool for maximising engagement with visitors, without needing to tie up a member of staff each time. With a tablet that displays content which allows people to find out more about your business and what you offer in an easy-to-navigate way, at their own pace, it provides an opportunity for them to find out what they need to; without the hard sell. You can ensure the device is secure with an appropriate mount and enclosure, removing the need for staff to monitor as closely.

You can choose the experiences that you offer when telling your brand or product story on a tablet device. Use a mixture of images, video and text and make it as interactive as possible and provide a user experience that stands out.

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4. Offers a direct link to online brochures/full range of products/services

Unless you have a huge dedicated exhibition space, the chances are that you will only have a small selection of your product range or information on show at your stand. So, having easy access to show interested visitors your whole brochure or website, right there and then, can be a real boon. Using a tablet device, either securely fixed to a table, counter, wall or desk, or held by a member of staff, your full range can be presented at just the right time when people want to make a buying decision, or want to know what else you offer that will meet their needs. Rather than leads going cold because they have to wait until they get home or back to their workplace to view your website or brochure, you can provide the information there and then.

5. Ease of data capture

In all the hustle and bustle of an exhibition, the days of scribbling down people’s contact details on random scraps of paper and collecting business cards that you immediately lose track of, are thankfully gone, thanks to tablet devices. You can have a simple form set up and ready to go on the tablet screen for details of potential leads that you gather at the exhibition, and a quick photo taken using the in-built tablet camera means that all business card information can be captured and stored in one place, ready for when you want to retrieve it.

6. You’re not tied to your stand

A reason that tablets are so popular, is that they are lightweight and portable. With tablet devices as part of your exhibition equipment, you’re not tethered to your stand, and staff can move around freely as all they need is internet access to be able to fulfil all of the functions already mentioned.

With the ability to move around and speak to people away from your stand, you can network with potential leads anywhere e.g. whilst they are queueing, in break-out areas etc, whilst having all of the functionality offered by a tablet device right there with you, securely attached to the staff member using it.

With the ability to facilitate orders, take payments, display content, demo your product or service range, engage with delegates and capture data on the fly, tablets are an essential part of successful exhibitions and offer combined functionality that other hardware can’t match. Bringing these tablets and their associated apps to life in a way that enhances the customer experience requires technology mounting solutions to match. Static, mobile or a hybrid for both, OpenSpace tablet & mobility solutions leverages that technology.

If you’d like to discuss the right tablet mounts and solutions for your business, see us at RSPA Retail Now, August 5th – 8th in Nashville, TN., or contact us online for more information and advice, or call (470) 273-6286

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