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We have seen a shift over the last few years that shows a change in how new technology is implemented, particularly into retail. Many stores are now embracing the omnichannel approach of online and offline and integrating the shopper’s experience across multiple environments.

These changes include new ways to pay, self service kiosks and digital interactive displays, all with one thing in common – a consumer level touch screen tablet device.

SpacePole, Inc.  is at the forefront of supporting the latest technology trends in retail and have therefore developed a broad range of solutions to enable tablets to be used effectively in retail and hospitality.

No matter what tablet device you have, or what your requirements are, our range of OpenSpace Tablet & Mobility solutions have an option designed for you.



A-Frame is a universal aluminum tablet enclosure and mounting system that offers secure protection of the device using an integrated Kensington lock. Ideal for wall, floor or desktop mounting, the A-Frame is a solid all-round solution.


C-Frame is a universal self-contained tablet mounting solution with rotation that offers a simple and easy way to get your tablet device mounted on a desktop. A great all-around solution for most 10″ tablets and available in a range of bright colors.

Dock & Charge

Dock & Charge is our most feature rich tablet solution, offering a fully magnetic docking and charging base for the tablet enclosure. This makes Dock & Charge a hybrid fixed and mobile solution with endless flexibility and expandability.

i-frame white product


i-Frame is an elegant tablet enclosure designed exclusively for Apple iPad built using a quality composite plastic material. Limited access to ports and power buttons makes it a customer friendly option when style is important.


K-Frame is a serious, kiosk style enclosure for tablets that offers maximum protection, Kensington locking system and a visual style that makes it ideal for public customer facing use as a self service tablet based solution.


S-Frame is an aluminum tablet enclosure that supports a range of devices and offers secure protection of the device, full coverage of any ports and buttons and a locking system from Kensington Locks. Ideal for customer facing retail or kiosk environments.

UCS Universal Charging Station

UCS is a storage and charging station for tablets and smart devices. Keep tablets safe, secure and charged overnight while not being used in this locked, stackable system that integrates smart charging for all your devices.

universal tablet mounting bracket

OpenSpace Vario

The Vario sled is a lightweight aluminum tablet mobility solution that enables tablet device compatibility with a range of mobility hand and shoulder straps, as well as various accessories to support mobile payment devices. Designed for portable tablet use.


X-Frame is a simple and effective tablet solution that offers an easy way to mount a vast range of tablet devices on a standard SpacePole desktop mounting pole. Support for the widest range of tablets makes X-Frame ideal as an operator facing solution.

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