Why mount a payment terminal in your grocery store?

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Why mount a payment terminal?
A payment terminal is a valuable piece of hardware and an essential element of your point of sale solution. It needs protection! In your grocery business, you need reliability, stability and excellence in customer service.

If you leave your payment terminal sitting on the checkout, you are in line for trouble.

Dropped terminals, damaged cables and the device going into tamper mode all bring your business to a shuddering stop.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Find out how mounting your payment terminal with SpacePole Stack™, instantly resolves these problems. However, it does even more than simply protecting your payment terminals. SpacePole Stack™ provides physical security at the point of sale AND is compatible with payment terminals from all the major manufacturers. SpacePole stack is also the ideal solution for signature capture terminals where stability is essential.

Check out how our payment mounting solutions can give you the advantage and see how SpacePole can transform YOUR business.

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