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SpacePole Stack 

Ergonomics, security, investment protection or great customer service are all reasons to mount a payment terminal. SpacePole Stack is the cost effective answer to all of these challenges. Read on to see why it should be YOUR payment mounting solution.

Tested for durability and longevity

SpacePole Stack provides maximum flexibility at the point of sale. Its composite construction has glass fibre enhancements for rigidity. Fully tested through 100,000 cycles, this solution will deliver year in year out. Designed and manufactured in Denmark, SpacePole Stack is simply best of breed.

Stability is its middle name

Unique in its field, SpacePole Stack features a wider body for improved cable management and its greater stability makes it ideal for payment terminals including those with signature capture, for example. Whether screwed or affixed using an adhesive pad, this payment mount isn’t going anywhere.

Two heights in one

As standard, SpacePole Stack comes with an adaptor that adds another 28mm or just over an inch to the height of the solution. This may improve accessibility or customer/operator rotation depending on the specific application.

Maximum compatibility

MultiGrip™ plates act as the interface between the payment terminal and the stand. MultiGrip, the market leader, supports payment terminals from the world’s leading manufacturers such as Verifone and Ingenico.

Fully upgradable

Need to change the payment terminal? No problem, simply remove the MultiGrip plate and replace with one compatible with your new terminal. SpacePole Stack will be ready…

Try it now!

SpacePole Stack provides a secure, stable and ergonomic environment for your payment transactions. Your customers and staff will appreciate the difference.

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