Why mount a payment terminal?

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Under pressure

Your payment terminals are under attack every time they are used. They risk being dropped, and the cables being damaged or tangled. It’s the mechanical version of repetitive strain injury. Simple cost effective solutions can protect your hardware by lowering the occasions where the terminal is lifted and twisted giving rise to those potentially damaging drops and the terminals freezing.

It’s costly

It’s easy to forget, but if you just add up those call out repair charges, damaged cables, frozen terminals – not to mention charges for the replacements, what started out as an improvement to the shopping experience turns into an unreliable, expensive and un-reliable payment solution.

It doesn’t have to be like that

Placing the payment terminal on to a mount and thereby securing it to the work station is proven to reduce the number of faults. Different types of mount can be used dependent on the location of the application, and the nature of the application. Different price points also speak to a range of budgets but ALL can be proved to guarantee return on investment. Security tethers also ensure a high degree of security.

Your customers will love it

By mounting the payment terminal, it will make transactions so much easier for your customer and your store assistant. These mounts offer rotation so that the terminal can be turned from operator to customer instantly. This speeds up the payment process and improves access for all of your customers’ investment. Security tethers also ensure a high degree of security.

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