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On September 13, 2016, Posted by , In Customer Success Stories, With 2 Comments

Macy’s Inc. built its retail empire on fresh thinking and customer-centered strategies as the means to create and deliver “the Macy’s experience.” Ensuring that the Macy’s brand experience is seamless and engaging across all channels – in stores, online, on social media, and via any device the customer chooses to use – is a top corporate priority.

Macy’s excels at using dynamic tools and technology to make shopping easier, more convenient and more fun for its customers, no matter where, when or how they prefer to shop. A longtime user of SpacePole mounts for its point-of-sale (POS) systems, the department store chain continues to roll out compatible retail technologies, including a mix of handheld digital devices such as mobile point-of-sale, smartphones and tablets, smart fitting rooms, custom shopping apps and electronic kiosks, that allow Macy’s to deliver magical connections through touchpoints at every turn.

In a high-end, high-volume retail environment, the challenge is keeping those devices fully integrated, accessible, charged and secure, without requiring a messy maze of cables and connectors cluttering sales and display spaces.

To keep its devices safe, charged and ready to use, Macy’s has implemented SpacePole’s SafeGuard UCS, a universal solution with customized features, which can be used to store, charge, manage and secure its in-store technologies.

For Macy’s stores, the SafeGuard UCS complements the brand’s upscale image, integrating with the cash wrap to provide a sleek, convenient sales and display area that unobtrusively houses all electronic devices, peripherals and accessories and keeps them within easy reach. Without having to leave the sales floor, sales associates have immediate access to all technology, allowing them to engage customers more effectively, view customer history and loyalty status, offer merchandise ideas and product information, and speed transactions.

Coordinated with Macy’s existing POS mounts, the UCS offers a sleek, space-saving solution that augments functionality, security and cable management. Like all SpacePole products, UCS is strong and tough to withstand the rigors of high-traffic retail, lockable to prevent theft or unauthorized access, and flexible to accommodate changing technology requirements.

The capability to deploy multiple devices quickly, securely and safely at the point of sale helps power Macy’s innovative retail strategies and legendary customer service.

2 Comments so far:

  1. Jason F says:

    Hey your Safeguard UCS is a really cool product. We sell iPad POS systems to restaurants and this could really come in handy for our larget customers. How many iPads will it hold?

    • Katelyn Collins says:

      Hello Jason – Great question. Our UCS can fit 15 or 30 devices with charging/sync or charging only capabilities. We also have the UCS Mini which holds up to 8 devices with charging only. We will have a representative from our team contact you with more information.
      Thank you.

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