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There are better ways to protect and handle a tablet in your business…

The 2015 indepenedent survey commisioned by NCR (2015 Restaurant Technology Pulse) has found that nearly 70% of restaurateurs and managers believe that technology has a direct impact on increased revenues.

One key finding showed that the implementation of MPoS was seen by 60% of respondents as a key technology to be relied upon to drive increased revenue through improved customer service and business efficiencies. Given the perceived flexibility of using mobile devices, it is apparent that restaurant owners want to use those solutions for a variety of challenges beyond the obvious including inventory management, employee training and retention.

Tablets are stealing the show in the business environment, including the restaurant trade, enabling those closer, stronger customer relationships – but how does a business ensure that investment delivers day-in, day-out? In fact 83% of respondents cited increased maintenance costs as an obstacle to that investment in introducing new technology.

That introduction process is of course initiated through the procurement of the new technology; step one in a series of challenges that stand between your business and a successful mobile enterprise. Understanding those challenges can lessen the risks and thereby mitigate against the potential pitfalls.

Within this, there are a number of guiding principles that you must ensure your solution addresses, to future-proof investment. Ergonomic Solutions has produced a report, “Tablet Touchpoints – A roadmap for powerful, profitable enterprise mobility”, which addresses these issues in detail.

  • Durability and reliability: – can it cope with the demands of constant staff /customer usage?
  • Connectivity: is there a reliable wireless access technology that these devices can run from? can the network cope with multiple devices connecting at the same time?
  • Batteries: what is the battery life of the device? Will it need recharging during the day? Who will manage this process to ensure that tablets don’t lose power?
  • Use/support: can users get to grips with the technology easily? How much training is required, and how often should further training be offered? Is there a 24/7 support network in place in the event of technical issues?
  • Security: is the network on which the devices run secured? Are the devices protected from theft? Are they stored in a safe location between uses?

Read our Tablet Touchpoints document and see how our range of sleds, enclosures and accessories can bring peace of mind to the deployment of new technology in a wide range of restaurant applications.

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