Point of Service brings in-store omnichannel to life

Great customer service defines an effective customer engagement strategy. Gone are the days when a customer visited a store more in hope than in expectation. Today the customer arrives knowing what is in stock, the online and offline price, discounting options and crucially, where else and at what price it may be purchased.

Customers expect that seamless shopping experience across all platforms and engagement points. That means online and offline: from a tablet, PC, smartphone and of course, in store. The product range, pricing, promotions and customer services should all align – wherever that customer may be.

mobility applications silhouettes

Using portable technology to empower the shop associate, is one sure way to re-dress the potential information imbalance between staff and customer. For those away from the till services such as virtual merchandising, assisted sales, information and mPOS, tablets are the technology platform of choice. By implementing Point of Service systems that customers can engage seamlessly with during their buyer journey, making use of Point of Service devices that offer a truly joined-up experience, both staff and customers can benefit greatly.

At SpacePole, Inc., we have been developing technology mounting solutions that bring tablet mounted applications such as these to life, keeping them usable, secure and charged and ensuring that they enable the shop associate to offer that exceptional customer service.

SpacePole Tablet Range

Identifying where and how your customers wish to shop, browse and pay is driving in-store marketing initiatives and technology procurement strategies. Our SpacePole range of static and mobile tablet enclosures provide the best customer/operator experience for tablet-based point of sale, static or mobile payments, and within self-service, digital signage and kiosk based applications.


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