There is more to being a cashier than simply taking the payment…

The current training manuals for new cashiers talks about the meet and greet, and the basic elements behind the entire point of sale transaction, including scanning, bagging, handling cash or card payments, issuing a receipt and handing over the goods.

Our research has shown that very little if anything is included that focuses on the physical security of the payment terminals themselves. Given that according to the PCI Security Standards Council, the annual loss through the skimming of payment terminals on a global basis, amounts to $2bn, this seems a rather short-sighted approach.

Having a training program for cashiers and store associates around security at the point of sale is a must, of which, effective tamper screening and inspection of the payment terminals should be at the very top of the list of an in-store strategy aimed at creating a security conscious mindset and minimising that risk of skimming.

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With an in house, Ergonomic Solutions is ideally placed as a participating Organization of PCI SSC to put together a set of training material for your cashiers and store associates that can help you to establish a security mindset in your store.

The programme will train your personnel on three major areas in a quick and easy understandable way:

What is PCI and why is security important at the point of sale
How to inspect terminals
Establish security routines to spot potential fraud or skimming devices

The package consists of:

  • 4 animated videos
  • e-book
  • Flashcards
  • Inspection checklist

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Watch our two videos showing the importance of meeting PCI DSS Requirement 9.9 and the necessity of maintaining physical security at the point of sale – whether a fixed installation or a mobile payment application

Download our latest PCI DSS Compliance white paper

SpacePole Payment solutions are proven, robust and follow the latest PCI-DSS physical security best-practice compliance requirements. This means that they comply with the following criteria – mandatory as of June 30th 2015;

Prevent theft or replacement with an unauthorised terminal
Prevent data capture from the payment infrastructure
Prevent the addition of skimming equipment to the terminal or network
Protect PIN data that is vulnerable to shoulder surfing
Protect unattended terminals and prevent physical removal
Protect not only the terminal, but the cables as well
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