Mobility solutions enables complete freedom in your business

Mobilize your work force and don’t wait to be back at your desk or behind the sales counter to seal the deal. Our OpenSpace tablet enclosures and accessories are the solution for wherever you want to do business! In the store, out in the field, in the back office or warehouse, or simply on the move.

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SafeGuard OpenSpace™

OpenSpace enclosures revolutionize mobile applications by providing security and mobility while keeping tablets safe but accessible. They bring the freedom of on-the-go operation while protecting hardware investment in some of the most challenging work space environments.

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Mobile Payment  – Where and how do your customers want to pay?

For businesses on the move, from mobile to in-store and high-throughput multi-lane large retail or franchise  POS through to  local coffee shops and cafés, market stalls and sole traders, the M-Case family of mobile payment device enclosures has a solution for wherever you want to do business.

M-Case: integrated solutions for

  • Mobility
  • Vehicle Mount
  • Pole Mount
  • Tablet Integration
  • POS Stand