OpenSpace is a range of portable tablet sleds and accessories for complete mobile potential

OpenSpace tablet sleds and accessories are engineered to offer superior protection in the smallest footprint possible. We have a comprehensive line of tablet sleds, hand & shoulder straps and pouches available – each designed to expand the potential of your tablet device.

openspace product range vario

OpenSpace configuration

OpenSpace offers a variety of configurations for different devices to enable true mobility in your tablet use.

Step 1: Choose your SlimCase Vario or composite SlimCase tablet sled

slimcase vario component
Tablet Device Product Code Size in Inches
Apple iPad mini 2, 3 SPOSVA1210  7.9’’
Apple iPad mini 4 SPOSVA1000  7.9’’
HP Pro 608 G1 SPOSVA1090  8.1’’
Samsung Galaxy Tab E SPOSVA0940  9.6’’
Apple iPad Air SPOSVA0460  9.7’’
Apple iPad Air 2 SPOSVA0720  9.7’’
Apple iPad Pro SPOSVA1240  9.7’’
Samsung Galaxy Tab A SPOSVA0860  9.7’’
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SPOSVA0990  9.7’’
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 SPOSVA0640  10.0’’
HP Elitepad 900/1000 SPOSVA0220  10.1’’
Linx 1010 SPOSVA0930  10.1’’
Samsung Galaxy Tab S SPOSVA0750  10.5’’
Apple iPad Pro SPOSVA1040  12.9’’

Please contact us for tablet devices not listed

openspace slimcase composite
Tablet Device Product Code Size in Inches
Apple iPad Mini SPOS102  7.9’’
Apple iPad Air SPOS101  9.7’’
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active SPOS113  8.0’’
Samsung Galaxy Tab A SPOS112  9.7’’
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 SPOS111  10.0’’

Step 2: Add optional accessories for mobility

openspace hand strap spos103

Hand strap



Shoulder strap

SPOS110 – Slim Shoulder Strap (Recommended for Vario)
SPOS104 – Standard Shoulder Strap

Carry pouch with shoulder strap

Designed for retail, trade shows, field sales, contractors or anyone who needs their tablet on them and at the ready, without the hassle of handling it all the time. Compatible with all 8-10″ tablets.


Step 3: Add peripherals to complete your solution


M-Case Mobile Payment Device Enclosure

M-Case is a simple case that protects your mobile payment device and allows it to attach to the rear of SlimCase Vario. Available in black and clear.

SPMC101 – Miura Shuttle
SMPC103 –
Ingenico iCMP
SPMC104 –
Miura M010 (contactless)


M-Case Quick Release

The Quick Release adapter enables an M-Case mobile payment enclosure to be fastened to the SlimCase Varion using our unique quick release mechanism


Expand how you use tablets in your business with OpenSpace

Tablets are revolutionizing the way in which we do business. However, typical tablets are not originally designed for the commercial marketplace and therefore not built to withstand the rigors of everyday commercial use. OpenSpace provides the security you need to protect your hardware investment, and our range of enclosures and accessories enables your mobile workforce to maximize their use of the tablet wherever they work.

slimcase vario details
  • Light weight and minimalistic design
  • Ideal for hand-held enterprise mobility applications
  • Easy integration of peripherals, e.g. payment devices, scanners and Bluetooth printers
  • Short lead time for already supported tablets
  • Quick time to market for additional tablets
  • Secure and protective
  • Easy access to all ports and buttons on most tablets
  • Also available in low volumes
  • Suitable for several markets and verticals
  • Compatible with a wide range of tablet makes and types
  • Large assortment of accessible accessories available, e.g. hand straps, shoulder strap, pouch, M-cases and quick release
  • Special anti fingerprint powder coating with a soft touch feel
  • High level of personalization possible to fit various application areas

Super thin, superior protection

The SlimCase Vario from the OpenSpace is made from a high quality aluminum construction with ABS plastic corner bumpers that offers fantastic strength and protection, while still being thin, sleek and comfortable to use.

vario front samsung
vario hand strap m-case

Mix & match OpenSpace products

The OpenSpace range of enclosures and accessories enable the best in mobile tablet use. Once you have a SlimCase Vario sled for your chosen tablet, it’s simple to attach different accessories to complete your mobile tablet solution. Mix and match with various hand straps, shoulder straps and carrying pouches, giving you optimum performance no matter your location.


Use OpenSpace across multiple applications

The OpenSpace product portfolio offers a range of sleds and accessories for the latest tablet generations that enable the mobile worker to operate in any location. OpenSpace and the SlimCase Vario provide the best use of the device and providing ensuring comfort and workplace ergonomics.

pos icon

For point of sale

SpacePole mounting solutions leverage technology to provide the best customer experience whether at traditional or tablet-based point of sale, static or mobile payments, and within self-service, digital signage and kiosk based applications.

payment icon

For payment

SpacePole Payment solutions are PCI compliant. DuraTilt™, Light, Low Profile and MultiGrip™ provide flexible and adaptive mounting options for static payments with the M-Case protective enclosure ideal for mobile payments applications.

self service icon

For self service

Self-checkout, assisted sales and click & collect in-store are the ideal environment for our technology mounted solutions. Our SafeGuard product suite provides secure mounting points for these devices and allow for fixed and hand held applications.

digital signage icon

For digital signage

We have a focused product set that will address the mounting requirements of any tablet based digital signage solution. Whether desk, podium or wall mounted, our solutions maximize the application options available.

mobility icon

For mobility

The SafeGuard and OpenSpace range of tablet enclosures provide protective, easy-to-use systems designed to maximize a tablet’s use. SafeGuard is the option of choice for secure fixed mount applications whereas OpenSpace revolutionizes mobile applications by providing security and mobility while keeping tablets safe.

warehouse distribution icon

For warehouse, distribution & logistics

Throughout the supply chain, the requirement for real time information is a business requirement. Our suite of SafeGuard and OpenSpace tablet mounts and security tethers addresses these needs and delivers enhanced productivity.