Payment solutions to enable safe, secure transactions

SpacePole Payment solutions offer the latest PCI thinking in best practice compliance in terms of physical security. DuraTilt™, Light, Low Profile and Multi Grip™ provide flexible and adaptive mounting options for static payments with the M-Case range of protective enclosures being  ideal for the ever increasing range of mobile applications.

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Static Payment

Our premium payment solution provides tilt, rotation, ease of access and use through the unique design of DuraTilt® and MultiGrip™ technologies, combining functionality, durability and a 5 year warranty.

SpacePole Light®

SpacePole Low Profil



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Mobile Payment

For businesses on the move, from mobile to in-store and high-throughput multi-lane large retail or franchise  POS through to  local coffee shops and cafés, market stalls and sole traders, the M-Case family of mobile payment device enclosures has a solution for wherever you want to do business.

M-Case: integrated solutions for

  • Mobility
  • Vehicle Mount
  • Pole Mount
  • Tablet Integration
  • POS Stand

SpacePole Payment solutions are fully PCI requirement 9.9 compliant

Both comply with all PCI physical security requirements and have been specifically engineered to protect your payment terminals and hardware from tampering and theft. The integral ClickSafe dual lock, from Kensington, combined with the quality of SpacePole ClickSafe, makes your first line of defense even stronger without any reduction in access or flexibility.

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